Over the weekend, Muscovites will breathe the air of the Arctic ocean

Regions of European Russia are preparing for the next cold snap. Forecasters warn that today will start a powerful Arctic invasion.

Almost the entire European territory since the beginning of the week the temperature regime is kept much above normal. It is no exaggeration to say that today the region is hot as North Africa. Even in the cold of Komi and the Pomor before it was over 31 degrees!These were record figures. And in Naryan-Mar on the shore of the Arctic ocean recorded a maximum of XXI century — plus of 24.2.

In the North-West of the country on Tuesday recorded the formation of so-called isolated clouds. High temperature provoked strengthening updrafts, which began to emerge a small but powerful storm cell. One such hung on St. Petersburg, was held in the city hail. Moreover, the ice was massive enough to break glass. And Cherepovets covered powerful downpour, the streets went under water.

Today, precipitation in the North of Russia will continue. However, associated will have a completely different process: the Russian plain begins the invasion of a cold front from the Arctic ocean. Cloud ridge associated with it will stretch from the mouth of the Obi and Yenisei to the coast of the Baltic sea.

the Most intense rainfall — more than half of the monthly norm expected in the Arkhangelsk region. Arkhangelsk already covered the first wave of showers. By day they’re a little faint, but in the afternoon again will increase. The amount of rain per day, according to the model estimates, will amount to 24 mm. so Usually falls 2 weeks of June.

the Invasion of cold front will mark the beginning of a new weather trend. On the eve of the South flows through the whole of the Russian plain were carried to the White sea coast air masses from the subtropics, but today the wind in the atmosphere will begin to unfold in the North of Rumba. This cold flow will make its way farther inland. And to weekends out zone Arctic invasion will be only the extreme South of the country. So, on Saturday in most parts of Central and North-Western areas of the thermometer will not rise above plus 20 degrees. In the area of the front that separates warm and cold, will develop in cumulonimbus clouds. This means that, again, possible showers, thunderstorms and squally wind.

to Assess the weather this week, referring to the example of Saint-Petersburg. Today, the city only storm clouds of a cold front. So that the air can warm up to plus 26. But Thursday is expected above 20 degrees, precipitation will continue. Friday under the influence of the Scandinavian anticyclone clouds will dissipate, but will warm slightly to + 20-21 degrees.

Text: Meteotest