The Dutch city of Amsterdam wants to expand her prostitution territory, because the legendary red light district is crowded in the city centre now. This is in response to complaints of sex workers, where the tourists rush off to the business and your anonymity.

For the ladies, the offer behind the Windows of the potential customers, belong to the most photographed motifs of the city of Canals. That is not compatible for sex workers, how Free is just good with a industry, which is also based on discretion and secrecy. The more people crowd through the narrow streets of the red light district, the harder it has the traditional business.

sex workers should be able to pursue, therefore, in the future, also in other parts of the city of their employment, where there is more space and more discretion – for example, in the newly built brothels: This provides a design of the left-green government coalition in the city Parliament, which was submitted on Friday.

Currently, the public Prostitution in Amsterdam is limited to the notorious Wallen district, close to the station. In the narrow streets, prostitutes on offer behind the glass panes of the suitors. The Problem is that more and more pure tourists for snapshots, you can come here. The real Free to stay away, and the sex workers from the tourist rush, annoyed.

“We want to give the sex workers the Option to work not only at home or in a tourist area, where you have much less anonymity,” said the city Council Alexander Hammelburg from the left-liberal party D66. The new rules, which should fix also the Problem of the “lack of legal working spaces for sex workers”. In the future, then the hotel could be built in parts-like brothels in the other city, as is currently the case.

Amsterdam has adopted a number of measures to deal with the onslaught of tourists, Mr. Unruly party of tourists now have to pay high penalties, if you behave on the road according to strong next to it. In addition, certain city center will be blocked since August, areas regularly for tourists, to clean them. Around 18 million tourists per year, according to Amsterdam – more than the entire population of the Netherlands.