Painter, swindler, or a jilted lover? Volochkova has accused of liberamente

the TV channel “Russia 1” Vladislav Fomenko from Tver calls himself a businessman said: from ballerina Anastasia Volochkova 6 years ago was short, but passionate affair.

Then, says Fomenko, Volochkova announced that she is pregnant from him and intends to give birth. Vladislav claims that helped Anastasia to buy a house and to make repairs, and when they broke up, then the star allegedly owed it to my working friends who were doing interior decoration of the house, about 30 million rubles.

Fomenko claims that some of the money he gave to the masters himself, and asks: “Where is our child, Anastasia?”

Volochkova, for its part, Roman Fomenko denies, and libel lawyers for the stars ready to bring the businessman to justice.

Meanwhile, the journalist Denis Sorokin, each ballerina, says Fomenko – a swindler, and Anastasia saw him a couple of times in my life.

According to Sorokin, they met when Volochkova was remodeling their home, and the one taking ballerina 300 thousand, contracted for the plastering and painting work.

Because the Builder had nowhere to live, Volochkova told a journalist, gave him in his house the room above the garage.

meanwhile, one of the women learned in Fomenko swindler, from which she suffered, and it turned out that Vladislav has already been opened criminal case about fraud.

How to react to this story other Volochkova Nikita Dzhigurda? Is it true that with Fomenko ballerina has had an affair and she was pregnant?

What the results said “Polygraph”? And who is he – Vladislav Fomenko: once in love with a star, a businessman or a swindler, cheating women?

details of the story in the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.