Pamfilova: attempts twice to vote on the Constitution will be severely suppressed

the questions of TV channel “Russia 24” about voting for amendments to the Constitution meet the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. They told how safe electronic voting and coming to the polling station.

Ella Aleksandrovna, what to do, if for some reason the citizen, chose the remote method of voting electronically, but changed his mind. And the time of failure is already out, what to do?

– I will add to what was said earlier by Mr Sobyanin, continues Ella Pamfilova. — We had here yesterday cases: some have decided to try to make attempts to vote twice — and in the traditional way, and through electronic voting. Then some of it said proudly, and someone not to be advertized. But really, even if they didn’t, they still would not be able to do it. Because at the last stage, when it begins the counting, they would still be calculated. We have the same thing happened to “Mobile voter”. Calculated, and for an ear Yes on the sun. Would still have to answer. That is, here we have a system worked out. Not once, instantly, and at a certain point it would be calculated.

Ella Pamfilova stressed that the CEC reinsured. While already identified about 80 discrepancies and inconsistencies by the citizens, it was mostly Muscovites, but were few and Nizhny Novgorod.

They had to refuse because I was the inconsistency of the data, — said Pamfilova. Perhaps it was not necessary to refuse, but we play safe to avoid the possibility of double voting. And let them not be offended in any way at all, who for whatever reason failed to register or were refused, we consciously went for it, this vote is remote, it is up to 20 PM on 30 June. Everyone who is enrolled in a deg, but for some reason couldn’t do it, they have a full-fledged constitutional the right to come to your native land July 1, from 8 to 20 hours and make your choice.

– That is, even if he filed, you can come in person?

“Yes,” confirms the head of the CEC.

Even without the application — adds to the words Pamfilova Sergei Sobyanin. — You came to the site, by this time the electoral Commission had verified the lists of who voted in electronic, who do not vote. From the electronic base you cross. And you can come just to vote already in paper form. And this is just another degree of control. That is, the electoral Commission manually verifies all who voted electronically.

Sergei Sobyanin said that the reconciliation had originally been scheduled for June 30. But at the suggestion of the observers and the Public chamber checking and cleaning lists every day.

– At the slightest suspicion we will inform the people that you have some sort of technical error, so better come and vote at the polling station. But it’s a small percentage, — continued the mayor. — As I said, a huge number of people very convenient and comfortable voted by this time.

– I would like to thank Mr Sobyanin for the fact that when we received information about the fakes, send some complaints that, allegedly, someone forced to vote, the powerful shout of Sergei Semyonovich, that it is strictly forbidden, given the result. Now we have for this reason no complaint from Moscow.

– This is my principled position, stresses said. — People should vote freely, no one should be forced. And who will force the will to beat the hand.

And we must pay tribute to that in Moscow they are very proud of it, and the Public chamber, and observers, established the so-called Moscow standard over the last few years — said Pamfilova. And I want to thank you for total surveillance, including all that relates to the storage of the ballots.

Even on this vote, although this is not an election in the absolute version, but still we all made the observation, adds the mayor. And even the boxes stored for some period of time, they all aimed the camcorder. Constant video stream goes. In the surveillance Center of the Public chamber under video surveillance and monitoring.

– And in conducting remote voting as a public observation organized?

– There we have specially established the territorial electoral Commission, which included representatives of the Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, representatives of all parties — meets the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova. — It is not just officials who take under the visor, representatives of different parties. And just as it was our joint with Moscow, the desire, and we did it: pool of observers — guys, professionals, who understand the process. That is, the observation pool, who knows all the reference points we should pay attention to keep on monitoring the voting and counting of votes.

Observers also monitor any, including remote voting, quickly take complaints, handle, immediately react to them. This is a huge work, which is deployed to accurately take into account the vote into the mayor.

And, Mr Sobyanin, I have a big request to you. If, God forbid, I hope not, but suddenly received some kind of complaint about some violation, I to you then will ask personally that you took it under personal control. Together with you we rooted burned it.

– we have already worked out this mechanism, agrees the mayor.

– In the case of a system failure – tech, anything can happen – whether to challenge the result of online voting?

– you can Appeal — is responsible Sobyanin. — In the same way as any other vote. In municipal electoral Committee, in Centrismincome or in court. The mechanism is the same, nothing changes. No matter how you voted, you have a right in court or the electoral Commission to challenge.

– But first we have to use the right — come July 1, and to vote, — said Ella Pamfilova.

– Before contest, we must vote — echoes the mayor.