Pamfilova instructed to deal with the injury Frenkel

the Head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova instructed to investigate the situation with the injured journalist “media zones” by David Frankel. Statesman has addressed with the corresponding request to the head of the electoral Commission of St. Petersburg Victor Minenko.

Pamfilova noted that it is necessary to understand how and when conflict arose and what the grounds were for him. According to her, you need to understand the causes of the incident.

the Minister drew attention to the need to thoroughly understand the situation through government agencies. Pamfilova noted that the assessment of the incident should give the investigating authorities. Need to find out, he fell a journalist or he really broke his arm. The CEC representative said he didn’t want to comment on the situation, as it is the competence of law enforcement.

the Chairman of the St. Petersburg election Commission said that the cause of the conflict was the refusal of a journalist to register in the list of persons that are present during the voting in the form recommended by the CEC of Russia. Victor Minenko drew attention to the fact that David Frankel searched the ground for conflict. In this regard, the police who, apparently, was already on edge, the human factor has worked.

Minenko noted that the journalist no one pushed and not pushed, it simply “corrected”, and he fell alone. An assessment of all parties to the conflict should give further investigation.

Ella Pamfilova, in turn, said that the CEC has already received some information and will run it on his line. According to her, it is important to understand the situation, to continue to prevent this, according to RIA Novosti.

the interior Ministry Russia intends to transfer to the Investigation Committee the audit materials in respect of the police, who broke his hand David Frankel. This decision was made in order to exclude the interpretation of corporate solidarity and the evaluation of the employee of law enforcement bodies, reports TASS.

IntsIdent with the journalist took place in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, June 30. As reported by “the Media”, in Frenkel fracture of the humerus. A man preparing for surgery.