Pamfilova: the results of the NAO confirm the transparency of the vote

a vote on the amendments in the Nenets Autonomous district proves that the procedure is transparent and the results credible. So the TV channel “Russia 1” the CEC head Ella Pamfilova commented on the situation in the NAO.

Recall, 54% of inhabitants of the Nenets Autonomous district opposed the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, 44% in favor.

meanwhile, voter turnout across Russia amounted to 67,97%. According to Panfilova, the citizens realized that the President proposes, and how this will determine their fate, their families and the entire country.

as for the masks, it was an additional factor.

“Our people are not so primitive that they the mask was carried out. Yes, we provide masks, gloves, pens, this is all just further gave confidence to people that they’re safe,” added Panfilov.