Pamfilova Zyuganov wrote the letter about the

CEC Head Ella Pamfilova sent a letter to the Chairman of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov about the “dissenting opinions” of members of precinct election commissions of the Communist party. Earlier it was reported that PEC members with deliberative vote are planning to apply to the final Protocol, a document with accusations of irregularities during the vote.

In a letter Pamfilova emphasizes that pre-fabricated and groundless accusations unacceptable and asked Zyuganov to bring the situation under control.

Communist party Leader has stated that the party did not give any directives to the members of the PEC from the party. Zyuganov himself has already voted on amendments to the Constitution and said that the Russian Communists are preparing their own draft Constitution. The party has prepared amendments 108, highlighting 15 priority, but considered they were not. According to him, the three Soviet Constitution “gave unique rights to the working people”, and Yeltsin was approved “without the consent of the opinion of the people”. Therefore, the Communist party will insist on the adoption of the “Constitution of democracy”, according to which “the citizens would have all the necessary”.