Panasonic has introduced the VR glasses steampunk

Panasonic has introduced a virtual reality glasses with a unique design, unlike the model of Oculus and HTC. The novelty is decorated in a retro-futuristic style of steampunk, which combines the aesthetics of technology with elements of fashion of the XIX century. First showed it to the visitors of the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, which this week takes place in Las Vegas.

In contrast to the modern VR headsets, resembling a ski mask, development is rather similar to the Panasonic glasses aviators. As screens are micro OLED panel is the highest resolution that the Japanese have designed together with Kopin. In addition, VR glasses Panasonic is the first on the market that support HDR technology. The company also used the optics of your unit Lumix, engaged in the manufacture of cameras, and some of the technology in the field of signal processing used in TVs and Blu-ray players.

However, a working prototype with which the company has made available to journalists The Verge, was not very practical. OLED screens are micro is very small: the resulting image came out square, and the angles less than the usual VR headsets. “The glasses were a bit heavy and slid on the nose whenever I leaned forward,” shared experience editor Sam Byford.

However, the Panasonic is unlikely to ever release a similar product. These VR glasses is more of a technology showcase that the company will be ready to implement in other devices as increased deployments of 5G networks.

Text: To.Hi-tech