February 3rd was the fateful day for ice hockey professional Mike Glemser (25). On this day he played away with his club, the Starbulls Rosenheim, which belong to the third-rate Oberliga, at SC Riessersee/Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In the ninth minute, the striker slammed into the rink after a check. While still on the ice, Glemser had to be treated for a few minutes before being transported to the hospital in Murnau.

There the former U20 international was in an artificial coma for almost ten days and underwent two operations. The doctors diagnosed a fracture of the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. The spinal cord was so damaged that Glemser is paralyzed from the neck down. “In the upper area, only the biceps stand now, means no hands, no wrist, nothing works in the leg area, everything is completely paralyzed,” said father Kenneth Glemser at “BR24Sport”.

The Starbulls Rosenheim, three-time German ice hockey champions, also said: “Breathability is also impaired by the paralysis of the diaphragm, which means that it still has to be artificially ventilated.” The goal now is mobility at least that way far to restore that Glemser can move around in a wheelchair.

The club was shocked by the incident. “You take on so much for a season, the whole team and the club work so hard on the goals and then an event like this brings you back to earth. We have of course promised Mike our best possible support and are in close consultation with his family,” said club board member Marcus Thaller in a statement.

Many ice hockey professionals also expressed their solidarity. “A lot of things go beyond the ice surface, so the result on the video board doesn’t count anymore. Don’t give up Mike. We all have your back,” said Philipp Grubauer, goalkeeper of NHL club Seattle Kraken on Sky. Moritz Seider, defender of the Detroit Red Wings, added: “We are definitely thinking of you.”

Together with Glemser’s family, the Starbulls Rosenheim have launched a fundraising campaign to cover the costs of treatment, among other things. The minimum goal of 250,000 euros was reached in the first 24 hours. Now the goal is 500,000 euros. A little more than 380,000 euros had already been collected by Monday afternoon. Glemser only moved to Rosenheim this season. The club has reached the play-offs as second in the main round.