Parasitology: ticks with Lyme disease is throughout Russia

Ticks are infected with borreliosis (Lyme disease), can meet the Russians in any region of the country, but encephalitis is not spread so widely.

“Tick-borne encephalitis is not available in all regions of Russia: in Moscow and in the Tver region there”, — told RIA Novosti Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases Alexander Lukashev.

he advised residents with a high spread of the disease to use to protect against ticks not only closed clothes and repellent, but also regularly to be vaccinated.

“as for Lyme disease, they can be infested with ticks throughout Russia. In the Moscow region on average every third is infected with the mite,” added Lukashev.

According to the scientist, the risk of Contracting Lyme disease depends on the time of the tick bite. So after a walk you need to carefully examine the body to notice the stuck tick as quickly as possible.