Parents of preschoolers have begun to receive benefits

the Russians begin to receive payments for children aged 3 to 7 years. While parents did not have to collect a lot of certificates and other documents for processing the benefit.

Love Semenova — mother of 5-year-old Pauline. Family a year living on one salary of the husband. When, in February of this year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his address proposed to provide a monthly allowance to children from 3 to 7 years — this news the parents of Polina happy. After all, the cost of a child make up a large portion of the family budget.

“Children of preschool age, it turns out all the clubs we paid. Therefore, some portion of circles can be paid with this money, also to pay for the garden, well or to buy something for the baby” — calculates Love Semenova, a resident of Arkhangelsk.

Statements on welfare officially started accepting from may 20 of this year. Love Semenova joined the IFC brought the necessary documents and the family waited. Money in the amount of 6 387 thousand rubles received on account a few days ago. Now such payment will be monthly to come in throughout the year up to may 2021 th.

“Pay range in age from 3 to 7 years, it is the innovation for the Department of social protection, because for the first time, we only accept the application from the citizen. Everyone else is doing on their own through a system of interdepartmental requests. We play according to the order up to 10 business days to interdepartmental queries and waiting for a response to these requests,” — said Vladimir Toropov, the Director of the Arkhangelsk regional center of social protection of the population.

the Most convenient way of application through the portal. You can also book an appointment in the DCP or come to the post office. Such social benefits accrued from 1 January 2020, and to reaffirm the right of receipt is required not more often than 1 time in 12 months. This again will be enough of one statement.

“When you assign this action necessarilyno account is taken of the family income — a living wage should be for each family member. So here, unlike many other measures, we requested from our partners. While the President has clearly said that parents should not quite walk with information on any instances in any of its offices,” explained Elena Molchanova, the Minister of labour, employment and social development of the Arkhangelsk region.

today, the payout is half of the subsistence minimum in the region at the end of this year, according to the decree of the President of Russia will consider the possibility of increasing the social payments to the subsistence level.