Paris: evacuation of Macron and the defeat of the Rotunda

In Paris, protesters smashed and set fire to the famous café “Rotonda”. The President was not allowed to watch the performance, and the Louvre closed its doors for the visitors.
“We will be on the streets, wants the macron or not” — approximately can be translated as: harmonies of the protesters at the walls of the booth theatre du Nord in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Seem to enjoy the performance of Emmanuel and Brigitte Makron failed: security, fear of the raging crowd, hastily evacuated the presidential couple right in the middle of the event.

the Famous café “Rotonda” now do not know. In a popular institution in the Montparnasse district, blew out Windows in hall threw several Molotov cocktails. The restaurant was once visited by artists Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Modigliani and Malevich. Visited and poet Anna Akhmatova. And in 2017 it is here that the macron celebrated the victory in the first round of elections, so many saw the destruction of the cafe a certain symbolism.
After a stormy Friday, Saturday morning began with the predictable arrests, but the demonstrators did not stop: for lunch, the street was again filled with protesters. Acts of disobedience added problems of the guests of the French capital: to disagree with the social transformation has joined the staff of the Louvre.

“We understand the anger of the visitors to the Museum, but they should redirect it to our government, which is trying to promote his reforms. We do not block the work of cultural centers, on the contrary, want to strengthen their work. This year, the government again cut the budget of the Louvre 11 million euros. 11 million — can you imagine? The Museum cannot provide the salary of their own employees!” – outraged employee of the Louvre Mehanna Belaid.

the opinions of travelers are divided. Some are understanding, others can not hold back emotions because of the failure of the visit to the exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci.

“For us it is a problem because we had tickets for todayI. On the other hand, we understand the requirements of employees, we Express our solidarity with them and will come back another day,” says the Argentinian Marcelo Campagno.

“This is a big disappointment I spent money on a ticket, but I was poorly informed about the scale of the strike. I don’t understand why such a mess, public transport is not running. The unions must be controlled with an iron hand!” – I am sure the German Gerhard Yale.

To 45 day protests are gathering momentum. Their negative attitude to the policy of the Fifth Republic Express lawyers. After them, their white robes cast, not wanting to work in improper conditions, doctors. Strikes against pension reform have cost the transport companies, including the state, in hundreds of millions of euros. If we consider the flight of the billionaires from the country after the increase in the luxury tax, will remain the main issue: how to replenish the Treasury? According to the Elysee Palace, the answer is simple: people have to work harder. In this scenario, the benefits and the increase in wages, the protesters can not count. Realizing this, all the demands of the demonstrators in General comes down to one thing: the Makron and his government must go.