Paris police used gas against the radicals

During the protests in the French capital, the police had to use tear gas, reports TASS. The column, consisting of Union members and participants of the movement “yellow jackets”, was held in protest against the pension reforms of Paris in the direction of the Republic square. At first the March went peacefully. However, the Lac Daumesnil Avenue, dozens of radicals from the “Black block” tried to drive a wedge in the column. On his way hooligans smashed a few stops and shop Windows offices and banks. They also tried to build barricades out of repair the fences, throwing stones and bottles at police.

With tear gas hooligans had been dispersed, but the situation in the area remains tense.

on Saturday in Paris and many other French cities held a protest against the project of pension reform proposed by the government. In the demonstration, attended by hundreds of people. The demonstrators call on the government to abandon the proposed project. They are dissatisfied with the government’s decision to abolish the special pension rates for dozens of categories of citizens, as well as the intention to increase to 64 years of age full benefits.