The City of Light is also the city of gold… At least for the 23 billionaires, 286 “centi-millionaires” (here defined as people who can invest 100 million dollars or more), and more than 165,000 millionaires who live in the French capital and its surroundings. This count comes from a study published by the British firm Henley

The firm compared the data collected in 2023 with a previous version of the same study, dating from 2013. Result: the number of millionaires increased by 12% in Île-de-France. Other cities experienced much more spectacular growth, while three capitals saw their millionaires desert (details in the slideshow below).

In the Paris metropolis, the only one in the EU to be part of the “top 10” of cities that attract the most millionaires, “1 in 74 inhabitants” is a millionaire, translates Le Parisien, which took into account the total population of the region in 2019: or 12.2 million inhabitants. As a result of Brexit (the end of British membership in the European Union), “Paris is well positioned to become the leading financial center in Europe,” write the authors of this study.

Despite attempts at decentralization, Paris remains the nerve center of economic life in France, it is also the city in France where the average salary is the highest. Paradoxically, it is also in the French capital and other neighboring departments that the poverty rate is the highest.

The ranking cited above, which includes a total of 50 major cities in the world, finally reveals another French urban area: Nice and its surroundings. Some 26,300 millionaires live there according to this study. Discover in the slideshow below Paris’s place in the top 10 major cities in the world where we find the most millionaires.