Parking on the streets of St. Petersburg will allocate in blue

At the St. Petersburg streets will be a new layout. Decided to allocate the paid Parking zone in blue. So drivers will be easier to find the limits of this restriction and do not need to focus on the appropriate road sign.

the Innovation will start to operate since mid-summer. While the Parking area has refreshed the traditional white, so thick, that would be enough for one year. That’s what the mode limitations.

in addition, change the size of the borders of tram stop. Now the so-called yellow “saw” has a relatively narrow strip of sidewalk. Under the new rules it will only take you halfway. The color will not change. The same “saw” will be applied at schools, kindergartens and near pedestrian crossings. Additional signs “Caution — children,” will appear in educational institutions on the pavement.

As reported by the GTRK “Saint Petersburg”, only from the city budget to update the road markings allocated more than 820 million roubles. The update shall be 740 thousand square meters of roadway. Works promise to finish by September 1.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”