Participants of the project

the contractors of the project “Northern stream-2” will be able to avoid US sanctions, but if rolled all the work up to January 20. The corresponding statement was made at the state Department States.

the Parties must immediately demonstrate its good faith efforts to wind up its activities, otherwise in relation to them will impose sanctions. The decommissioning works shall be completed within thirty days after the adoption of the law, RIA Novosti reported.

in the U.S. Department reminded that the Secretary of state within sixty days, prepare a report to Congress, which will be the analysis of those who violate the law.

the Project “Northern stream-2” means the construction of two pipelines, the total capacity will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Participants of the project are European companies.

the Ministry of energy of Russia expects the launch of “Nord stream-2” to the end of 2020. With the corresponding statement was made by the representative of the Ministry Alexander Novak.

on December 20 the President of the United States Donald trump signed the military budget by fiscal year 2020. It commits the administration of the country to impose sanctions against Russia.