Passenger car knocked down a pedestrian on the traffic island in Krasnoyarsk

the Last day of the outgoing year didn’t go well for Alex from the city of Krasnoyarsk — early in the morning he was hit by a car while he was waiting for the green light in the crosswalk. The man was diagnosed with several broken ribs and numerous abrasions. A surveillance camera recorded the moment of impact.

the accident occurred about eight o’clock in the morning local time on the street Michurina. The footage shows that the bend in the road the car badly warped on the snowy pavement, she flew to the island, knocked down a pedestrian, crashed into a pole and bounced back on the roadway.

the Witnesses helped the victim to his feet, to the emergency room he got for himself. According he has broken ribs on the right side and severe swelling in the foot.

Was driving the car the woman in the accident was not injured.