Passengers on the move jumped out of a stolen in Ulan-Ude machines

Convicted for burglary a resident of Ulan-Ude stole a car from a friend and a few days driving around the city, despite the fact that he never had a driver’s license. During the chase, his two passengers on the move jumped out of the cabin, and the attacker tried to escape later, when the car blocked on the road.

the Offender, according to the office of traffic police in Buryatia, was the 26-year-old citizen, who had repeatedly fined for driving without a driver’s license in the driving school he never studied. Previously, he worked as a car mechanic, but a couple of months ago left the service, but continued to promise friends help in repairs.

the bait of the former client that its Toyota Corolla the young man buzzed the town, although the car had to undergo maintenance in the service.

Because the hijacking of the alleged mechanic made as a suspended sentence for robbery, most likely will take him into custody during the investigation, the more informed the young man several times been convicted for burglary.