Passers-by rescued from a burning apartment four children and a cat

In Magnitogorsk bystanders rescued from a heavily smoke-filled apartment of four children and a cat. By the time of arrival of rescuers, the apartment burned out completely.

the Fire in the apartment of multi storey house on the street Gryaznova noticed the people passing by. One of the men immediately rushed to help. Then rushed a few people. A neighbor called an ambulance and firefighters.

From a burning apartment not indifferent passers-by brought four children and the cat at once ran away. “Breathe in, the apartment was no longer possible, but my children were able to escape,” – said one of the witnesses.

Another woman said: “I personally have an ambulance called. Passers-by came to the entrance, could not breathe, the front door of the apartment open. But go inside, we could not, even with a wet towel. Smashed glass at the entrance to the other residents out. When rescuers arrived and an ambulance, all have already pulled out of the house. The picture is not for the faint of heart”.

Arriving firefighters extinguished the remains of the fire. Had contact that the room was completely burned. including furniture and appliances. According to the MOE, none of the residents of the house were not injured. As informs GTRK “southern Ural”, which broadcasts on channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, the preliminary cause of the fire could be a childish prank.

At present militiamen establish circumstances of incident. The victim’s family placed with relatives. Children ran to find the cat.

Text: STRC “South Ural”