Passing analysis, Adam became a wanted man: about the nuances of diagnosis on COVID-19

“on Saturday, tested on Sunday was wanted.” This is the screaming title of the post Muscovite, who spoke about the experience of diagnosis antibody COVID-19. She voluntarily decided to check my immunity, but eventually came under the close scrutiny of the CPS and forced quarantine.

As she believes the measure is unfair. In fact, according to smear, coronavirus it does not. But contain small quantities of protective antibodies. Slightly greater than one. This figure can be interpreted in different ways. In fact, a resident of the capital for a couple of days already heard several different versions about the state of his health. Including the fact that the antibody could not show COVID-19, and the other the inflammatory process.

In this case, the herpes virus. Muscovite it — in the active stage. However, in principle, is present in 90 percent of the people. However, there is another opinion. According to the chief Metropolitan clinics, tests for immunity are used “very sensitive”. And they react only to the coronavirus. In General, the situation is complicated.

the Last few days for Olga (the name of the heroine of the story) turned out to be extremely stressful. Because of his health condition a woman is in the area of risk COVID-19. And because his family originally complied with all measures of self-isolation. From the apartment — or foot. Purchase only through couriers. Even more shocking was the news of a positive test for the coronavirus. The performance of one of the immunoglobulin — M — only slightly higher than the reference values. The rest was normal. But questions how this is possible and what it means to answer Olga has neither the doctors, who came to her house, nor the medic assigned to keep in touch with her and monitor health.

Now, when emotions have subsided, the woman to the healthcare system remains one complaint: instead of trying to soothe and explain such strange results, its just locked in four walls and silently began to heal.

“they came For me, figuratively speaking, to test results. It is shocking. The feeling that you were in some kind of system that you grind giblets, hang social monitor will hang a bunch of penalties,” — says Olga Lisitsyna.

And only after the story spread on social networks, Olga called her doctor the hospital and was told that nothing abnormal in the test no. A positive result even when the minimum deviation is still positive.

“Very not enough explanations, not enough information. I’m really glad I have now received information. I’ll have to check, passing the test again after some time”,- says Olga Lisitsyna.

the human Immune system begins to actively respond to the coronavirus COVID-19 about a week after completion of the incubation period — usually, when patients begin to show symptoms. First, identification of the antibody M. after about a week begins to produce immunoglobulin G. after the victory over the disease M lost, and G are stored, forming long-term immunity. It turns out that the presence in the body of a small amount of antibodies M may indicate that a person has recently been infected COVID-19.

“what she has immunoglobulin M but not immunoglobulin G, denotes that she is ill in an acute form. She got sick no more than 10-12 days ago, and may excrete the virus,” explains the Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases name E. I. martynovskogo sechenovskiy University, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Lukashev.

And the fact that Olga has no signs of illness, too, nothing means.

Now scientists already know: the vast majority coronavirus of patients do not experience any symptoms. They live among us, and, unknowingly, spreading COVID-19.

“Myou know from inspections in Russia and in other countries that people who get antibodies, that is, infected with no symptoms, about 5-10 times more than the recorded cases. There’s a lot of people are infected, and these people can spread the virus. Most people will take coronavirus infection in this form”, — commented Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases name E. I. martynovskogo sechenovskiy University, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Lukashev.

In theory, tests for coronavirus can give false positive results. But specifically the one that passed Olga, rarely wrong. And certainly not confuse with coronavirus herpes. In any case, now the woman is waiting for the opportunity to take another test to confront. Says: next time I would very much like to see in the results the excess of immunoglobulin G. in Order to be confident that the organism began fight infection.