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Passion on stage and behind the scenes: “Russia” will show a series about the ensemble “birch”

Passion on stage and behind the scenes:

When Michael Jackson first struck the audience with “moon walk”, choreographers all over the world for more than 30 years, puzzled over the clue “floating step” of the legendary Soviet ensemble “birch”. It was the mid-1980s was in many respects a crucial period for the team, which fell even before the iron curtain. And it was about this time — the same ensemble series, the first episodes which look after the release of “Vesti” on June 29.

– a Good school.

– And you – stretching.

– Edita.


– I’m Cooking!

the Main heroine of “Birches” — talented dancers who are struggling to gain a foothold in one of the most famous orchestras in the world. Estonian beauty Edita uses any methods, Muscovite Lena — parents with connections, and the provincial Vari — just audacity and a huge dream.

“the Series is about how to achieve your dreams and stay a happy man. How impossible that is, it is difficult to reconcile personal happiness and professional, says about the show the actress Love Konstantinova. — Waiting for her major failures, but then we’ll see what happens to her!”

– Please, take me! You will not regret it. I’ll work for it.

the barbarian Gorshkov — is a new member of the team, I ask to love and favor!

In the middle of 1980-ies this ensemble excites with its magical dance millions of Soviet hearts, but it was the most difficult time. As when the country was falling apart, the artistic Director and founder of “Birches” has managed to keep the team and defend the priorities of creativity?

– Berezka ready for competition!

– We too! answered Igor Moiseyev.

“It all called Madam, says about her character deserved actress of Russia Lydia velegeva.- This is a woman who was always dressed perfectly, behaved impeccably. She was rudewaty voice. It’s a woman-rod, who loved his team, protect your team, if there was any attack.”

What passions raged behind the scenes at large concerts and rehearsals. In the series involved and active dancers, “Birch”, so that the viewer will see the most authentic and inimitable “birch step.”

“Beautiful girls, guys. What are their numbers! I learned so much about it and with so many met that just another joy was” — says shooting people’s artist of Russia Nina Usatova.

Gold cast — Nina Usatova, Evgeniy Sidikhin and Alexei Serebryakov, Lydia velegeva and Maria Poroshina, without hesitation, agreed to appear in the series, only knowing that it will be a movie about the legendary “birch”. Was directed by the famous tallpoppy “Catherine”. So in the film, and life, and tears, and love!

“I love this story, — says the actress Lyubov Konstantinova, And I think you very like it. Let it warm your heart. And I’ll see you on the channel “Russia 1”.

the First series of “Birches” look for June 29, after 21 hours and 20 minutes.