Payment for lump sum pension savings can reduce

the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to develop two ways to get a funded pension. The first option is a long — term pension payment, the second collection of the full amount of savings immediately, but with payment of income tax.

Payment of personal income tax, a measure that is aimed at equipping people with the increase to the basic pension and prevents them from receiving the full amount that you can quickly spend, says “Izvestia”. The Finance Ministry proposes a third option: it is the personal income tax applies only to investment income. It was planned that the private pension scheme will start working in 2021. But while the issue is being considered by relevant ministries due to the large number of various issues.

a New system of voluntary pension savings, the Bank of Russia and Ministry of Finance presented in October 2019. It is a guaranteed retirement plan. It is possible to obtain additional to the basic pension payments, self-financing non-state pensions and state support. The contribution of each determines its own. The agreement shall enter into force after the first payment.

Worked out a system of benefits in the event of the pension grounds for obtaining of pension. Now the basis for receipt of such pensions – age: 55 years for women and 60 for men. the situation may change a bill to reduce the age for receipt of pension savings for five years. The bill has already passed in the first reading.

Experts have estimated the possible losses of future pensioners from the imposition of taxes on funded pension. If a citizen has accumulated $ 1 million in his retirement account, of which 200 thousand rubles amounted to investment income, in the third embodiment, and a tax rate of 13% he loses when removing the entire amount of 26 thousand rubles, in the second variant of the reform – for 130 thousand rubles, that is almost the entire investment.

If we take the tax only investigado, inoznachayut other problems: for example, determining the amount of investmentof in the case when the pension Fund goes negative or when changing NPF, explained the Director of ratings for financial institutions National rating Agency (NRA) Yuri Nogin.