PE on the Taimyr Peninsula: it was possible to collect only the fiftieth part of the spilled diesel fuel

the Latest news from the Arctic. New footage, never before, from the area of the oil spill on the Taimyr Peninsula.

Here is a place that became the reason of state of emergency of the Federal character. Closer approach is impossible, but here, the press allowed for the first week. Breakthrough at the interface of concrete and steel. The parapet had to protect against leaks, but the pressure inside is so great that the oil literally beat a fountain over the edge.

Only in the land, not including streams and rivers, according to environmentalists, was five thousand cubic meters of fuel. And could be more: at the base of the adjacent tanks, which is another ten thousand cubic meters — is also found cracked.

“the decision of the neighboring reservoir — fourth empty. Now is the transshipment of diesel fuel at TEC-1. The survey is conducted, attracted by specialized organizations”, — said the head of the Blind, Deputy chief engineer for thermotechnical part of the Norilsk-Taimyr energy company.

the company NTEK checked regularly. For three years issued fines to four million rubles. Across the company, maybe a little, but this emergency tank 2016 — repair and inspections not subject.

“the Preliminary cause of depressurization of the tank with diesel fuel was subsidence and the concrete platform underneath it. To prevent such incidents, the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation gave instructions for comprehensive audit of hazardous production facilities in areas of permafrost,” said Andrei Ivanov, spokesman of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

the footage — the amount of the still outstanding work. Booms on the river Barn, where we were transported by helicopter special flight, put already half a kilometer. But to collect far managed only a fiftieth part of spilled diesel fuel. The rest of the water and the banks plan to collect within two weeks, so work is proceeding around the clock. Rescuers put here PAlatecny camp with full coverage and reserves for 10 days.

This is only for the first time. Here, only experienced professionals: Sabetha, Yamal, sea rescuers from Murmansk, for example, traveled the Arctic circle. “It’s hard, everyone is tired, but this is the situation, what needs now to swing, because all accumulated in one place,” — said the rescuers.

On the water by rescuers to change every two hours. A week later will come a new change — longer to work here bad and professionals.

“the diesel fuel there are factions that settle to the bottom. The stain will be removed, and the fact that the bottom has settled, and may remain,” — said Alexander rakutin, scientific Secretary of the Institute of agriculture and environment of the Arctic.

For the disposal of this fuel will be sent soon. To get here by land is almost impossible because the banks put a sealed field storage are in the army use.

“Delivered sufficient capacity, about 8 thousand cubic meters. This will be enough to work for a week. Of course, after the main group here will decrease, work will continue, because it will point the extraction of oil from small areas,” — said Alexander Chupriyan, the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for civil defense, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters.

to Export fuel would be in the winter, when the tundra freezes over. Such multi-stage elimination would cost about 10 billion rubles. This is not counting the fines that the owner of the CHP plant will also have to pay.