Peak load: to catch a flight, the airport is better to arrive three hours

new year’s eve excitement: in the capital’s airports, the peak of the influx of passengers. Only from Domodedovo, judging by the number of tickets sold per day to fly out 50 thousand people. 22 thousand will go to the new year holidays abroad. Passengers are advised to pre-check in for flights and arrive at least three hours before departure. The maximum load is prepared and in other air gates.

Here, at the airport, today will be very crowded. It already feels like there are more passengers than usual. The airlines have calculated that a third of all departing for the Christmas holidays I took it on December 30.

the Increased burden will fall on all ground services, so advice from seasoned travelers is to arrive at the airport today, better three hours prior to departure.

exactly have time to drop off your Luggage and check in for your flight, print your boarding pass and go through all zones of control. In the early morning at Sheremetyevo excitement: long queues at the security checkpoint in the departures area and check-in counters.

– Fly home to Germany. Came to watch Moscow new year’s experience — amazing!

We were at sea several times in the New year. Last year in Finland, but in Europe you want />- You do it every year for the holidays?
– Well, not every, but the last few years — Yes.

– the Mood is perfect, going to Budapest for the New year! All — happy New year!

Despite increased ridership, city airports ready for operation. All arrivals and departures — on schedule. Reinforced duty shifts. Round-the-clock working medical center.

Another tip to avoid unpleasant surprises: if you are going on a Christmas vacation abroad, it is better to check your debts. This can be done on the official website of the Federal bailiff service. If the debt exceeds 10 thousand rubles, the service may prohibit travel abroad.

We talked to passengers and find out who flies where. The busiest domestic flights. Most popular — Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Mineralnye Vody and the Crimea. Among foreign destinations the most popular Yerevan, Baku, Kishinev, Prague and others.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”