Pedestrians vs. cyclists: the confrontation escalated

After the easing of restrictions and the arrival of the heat in Moscow noticeably increased pedestrians and cyclists. Immediately exacerbated the traditional seasonal confrontation. Pedestrians complain of dangerous driving owners of two-wheeled transport, those, in turn, are unhappy that dedicated lanes are busy walking.

the Cyclist at high speed travels on the roadway, nearly hit a pedestrian and a few seconds later he crashes into a car. Each of the participants of the accident’m right.

the Eternal conflict between cyclists and motorists, it seems, moved to a different plane — on the sidewalk. With the advent of heat in the street a lot of walking on footpaths is getting crowded.

this felt a seven-year Savely. Now it needs to be in hospital, in the Department of neurosurgery. But because of a strong shock, the child has developed a neurosis. The doctors allowed the boy to recover at home. A traumatic brain injury he received on the walk in the Park.

“My son was hit by an adult woman cyclist. Right on this very spot. She turned with the turn. Son got it on the road. And she hit a child, fell on him together with the bike,” says Eugene Borodina, mother Savely.

a Bleeding child to bring to the bench was helped by a passerby. It brought down the cyclist as if nothing had happened drove on.

“She said, “this is no place for children! It is necessary for them to follow!” I don’t know how could she not see a need to go fast. She took the dark glasses,” recalls the mother of the injured boy.

a Bike path in this Park is directly adjacent to a pedestrian. Some people go where to go, others go in the correct place just go.

In some parks, bikeways and walking, and all merge into one.

“Now I’m going great on the road, it is wide to drive comfortably, however there is a caveat: it is not marked, and pedestrians are not obviously hthis area of cyclists, so they have to go around,” said the reporter.

Pedestrians, despite the markings, as a rule, choose the path where they choose.

“it is convenient to go on the bike path, because they are smooth, and the tiles have naturally occurring rattling of carriages, and they choose in favor of the track your way,” explain walking in the Park people.

In the Cycling capital of Europe, Amsterdam, pedestrians do know: on the bike path — or foot. And fans of two-wheeled transport there in public places try to observe the speed limit.

we do not Have this. Here the courier stops pedestrian crossing without Dismounting from the bike. And this was traveling on the roadway and at the intersection decided to join the pedestrians, but to get off the saddle did not. This young man holds the steering wheel with one hand, while maneuvering between people. Here the track is, but fundamentally moving cyclist on the sidewalk. But the consequences of such negligence: the collision.

“it was a situation when I was wrong, was just starting to ride a bike, stopped on such wooden bridges, where pedestrians walk. And almost hit the stroller. Since then, I have strictly. If I see that there will be children, I very much slow down, slow down,” says the Manager of Cycling club Alexey Sidorov.

In the Rules of the road are constantly trying to make changes specifically for cyclists. In the state Duma proposed to introduce for them a compulsory exam on knowledge of traffic rules, but while this idea is not implemented. Experienced cyclists say that if to not only comply with traffic Rules, but also elementary norms of decency and remember that you’re not alone, plenty of space.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”