Manuel Pellegrini Reflects on His Career and Future Plans in Chile

Tras an inconsistent season with Real Betis in Spain, Manuel Pellegrini returned to Chile and was honored at the National Congress for his remarkable career in football. The experienced manager emphasized the importance of keeping politics out of sports, stating, “I represent Chile, and when the Chilean national team plays, nobody cares about the political views of the person next to them.”

Pellegrini acknowledged his “debt” to Chile, expressing hope that he can repay it in the future. He touched on the challenges of balancing technical and managerial aspects in football development, emphasizing his willingness to contribute to the overall improvement of Chilean football.

Regarding his former player Claudio Bravo, who is currently without a club, Pellegrini praised Bravo’s dedication and professionalism, highlighting his belief in Bravo’s continued value on the pitch. Additionally, Pellegrini shared his support for Ricardo Gareca taking the reins of the Chilean national team, praising Gareca’s experience and expertise in player selection.

As Pellegrini reflects on his past achievements and looks towards the future, his commitment to Chilean football remains unwavering. With a desire to give back to the sport that has brought him success, Pellegrini’s dedication and passion for the game continue to inspire those around him.