After his defeat in the contest vote for the left presidency, Bundestag member Sören Pellmann is considering personal consequences. “In the coming days I will think about what this means for my further work, both in the parliamentary group and in my local political commitment,” said Pellmann of the German Press Agency. When asked if he was considering withdrawing from the parliamentary group, he reiterated: “I’ll be thinking about all the options in the next few days.”

Pellmann had applied for a position in the party’s dual leadership, but only received 31.7 percent of the delegate votes. The European politician Martin Schirdewan (61.3 percent) was elected, who will form a leadership duo with Janine Wissler in the future. Pellmann emphasized: “I didn’t get a majority with my offer to the party congress, unfortunately I didn’t even get a close result.” Because he is thinking about his future work, he is not running for another position on the party executive committee.

The 45-year-old defended his constituency in the federal elections in Leipzig in September 2021 – one of three direct mandates that secured the left’s entry into parliament in parliamentary group strength. The other two were won by Gesine Lötzsch and Gregor Gysi in Berlin.

Should Pellmann resign from the Bundestag, this would probably not have any direct consequences for the existence of the parliamentary group: the decisive factor is the number of direct mandates on election day, not in the further course of the legislature, according to parliamentary group circles.