Penalties for violation of isolation upheld

Moscow courts upheld the penalties for violation of the isolation that was imposed automatically considered for several such cases.

the Appeal filed by those who were on home treatment. The main condition was not to leave the apartment to avoid the spread of infection. Those who ignored the ban, went outside and hit the lens of the Cams, got the fines.

People tried to appeal the decision on formal grounds. Referred to the fact that the hand nobody was caught, and photography and geolocation data are not sufficient proof of a violation. However, the court thought otherwise, and 4 thousand violators will have to pay.

during the regime of high alert in the courts received more than 15 thousand complaints from dissenters with fines of Muscovites. If there is a suspicion that the penalty was indeed issued due to technical errors, it still can be challenged. On the portal section.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”