Penguins have mastered the technique of finger painting in the seaside aquarium

the Watchers of the seaside aquarium are sure that their wards — the Humboldt penguin — need to develop diversified, and offer seabirds not only sports, but also art workshops. Penguins have mastered the technique of finger painting.

“We have offered the penguins finger paints as a new game, in the end, everyone was happy — birds process, and we are a result — said STRC “Vladivostok” chief specialist of the Department of ornithology Vladislav Krestovskaya.

— we Draw with them almost every day, paint for the classroom use the safe, it is designed for young children, and, of course, are harmless to our birds. The penguins come to paws in the paint and then leave bright marks on paper, and not one picture is like another. We encourage fascination with penguins fine art, it is not excluded that, having mastered the full technique of finger painting, they begin to create tassels.

the Paintings of birds artists, each of which is unique, can be purchased at the charity event “Ocean of hope”, which will be held at the aquarium last Saturday of the month — 28 December from 11.30 to 14.00. All funds received by the volunteers from the sale of drawings of penguins and handmade Souvenirs will be donated to the charity Foundation “Save a life”.

Text: GTRK “Vladivostok”