People living in remote areas are starting to vote early

people living in remote areas of the Amur region from today to begin early voting on amendments to the Constitution. According to GTRK “Amur” in total in the region more than six hundred thousand registered voters. Prepared by 738 22 permanent plots and temporary.

As you know, July 1, the Russians will vote for the amendments to the main law of the country. Now in all election commissions work continues to ensure the sanitary-epidemiological rules. In particular, massively purchased medical masks and gowns, protective screens, antiseptics. All voting stations will be issued a disposable handle and arrange the temperature measurement. Also now we are discussing the issue of mandatory testing of members of election commissions and observers for the presence of coronavirus infection before the vote.

Recall the original vote was to be held on April 22. But because of the epidemic COVID-19 date had to be postponed.

Text: GTRK “Amur”