Perm clear away from snow blockages in the next three days

the Head of Perm Dmitry Samoilov has set the task areas to clear the roadside from mountains of snow in the next three days, one of which has already passed. The volume of snow removed, according to preliminary estimates, up to 20 thousand cubic meters per day. Due to weather conditions on the streets of the city every day works more than 120 pieces of equipment and 300 working on the road.

Special attention is paid to cleaning of sidewalks, Parking lots, lay-bys and stops of public transport, as well as problem areas with the largest traffic and crowd of people. After heavy snowfall, the contractors must not only bring order to the streets, but to prevent the appearance of ice.

Drivers as possible at night should refrain from the desire to leave the car along the roadside or on-street Parking so as not to interfere with snow plows. The need to meet the three days with the cleaning and snow removal are determined and a forecast of the Perm weather forecasters.

In the night on Sunday in Perm will begin the cold snap that will last until the end of Monday. And before the onset of cold ambient temperature will contribute to the albeit slow, but the snow is melting. If the collected heap are not exported on time, with frost they will turn into blocks of ice. On the roadway and sidewalks if left there slush may form ice, said STRC “Perm”.

Text: GTRK “Perm”