Perm Ombudsman gave an assessment of history from creeping into the store a woman

In the Perm region Ombudsman on human rights Pavel Mikov gave an assessment of the video where the woman is on all fours crawling to the store.

Recall, eyewitnesses removed on video as in Tchaikovsky disabled woman crawls over to the store. The footage shows pensioner crawling on his knees in the grocery store, dragging the bag. The author of the video suggests the elderly woman help, but she refuses, and then he advises her to contact the volunteers.

sedesol In the region STRC “Perm” reported that the Department of social protection Tchaikovsky aware of the disadvantages of a disabled woman. However, health and social care she flatly refuses.

Ombudsman Pavel Mikov commented: “the task of the social workers to convince the woman that she needed social assistance. To recognize this fact. Then she will draw up a disability that will assist in solving the housing problem, etc”.

Text: GTRK “Perm”