Peskov commented on the raising of the LGBT flag over US Embassy in Moscow

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the appearance of the flag of sexual minorities over the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Answering a question of journalists, said in the Kremlin’s disregard for Russian laws, Peskov said that to violate the law prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality among minors (in force in our country) is not valid.

however, he also noted that the Kremlin, the building of the American Embassy is not visible. “But it certainly sees our Ministry of foreign Affairs,” — said Peskov.

the U.S. Embassy in Moscow told TASS that “the LGBT flag was created by the American artist and activist Gilbert Baker, and it was first raised as a symbol of hope and diversity June 25, 1978, during a parade in honor of the Day freedom of gays in San Francisco.”

American diplomats also added that for them the June “pride Month,” when they celebrate that “everyone deserves a life free from hate, prejudice or harassment”.

the Journalist of TV channel “Russia 1” Andrei Medvedev in his “Telegram-channel” ironically commented on the emergence of the LGBT flag over us Embassy, expressing his gratitude for the candor.

“I Think it’s called coming out. Not to say that we had no idea (…) Now know for sure — about you we were wrong”, – Medvedev wrote.