Peskov said what he did in his childhood and who his heroes

the Essence of his work explained, answering the questions yunarmeytsev in the framework of “Virtual journey “I love Russia!”, press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. According to him, his job is to explain, primarily to the media what and why the President does and to answer questions that might arise.

the Issues are often unexpected, he said, and together with the President to be aware of what is happening, because “otherwise you will never be able to explain”. Thus, if you formulate something wrong, it certainly can be used by someone of the enemies against you, and most importantly — against the President.

to Prevent this, of course, impossible so the press Secretary job — a bit like minesweeper, Peskov said: “make one mistake”.

In childhood, told unerman Sands, it is “nothing special was done” — hooligans, in the winter playing hockey in the yard, and summer climbed to rip off the neighbor’s Apple trees. However, the parents have tried to instill in him a love for the sport: young Sands played basketball and table tennis, and now, too, trying not to lose shape.

“as soon as work allows, three or four times a week engaged in sports”, — quoted Peskov RIA Novosti.

the Real heroes, he believes the medical and military — although with doctors, he said, “we never have the word “hero” not associated”. Pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, however, showed that such heroism. An example of military heroism Sands believes the implementation of our soldiers their duty in Syria, reports TASS.

still Working in the system of USSR Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Sands identified three main qualities for any diplomat: it is absolute, unconditional love for the Motherland, education and sense of humor. He regrets that at the time did not read as much as was required of him by his parents. In the adult, this possibility has not — Wthe life of his “spinning into the vortex”.

Press Secretary of the head of state also said that constantly worked in a period of isolation after suffering a coronavirus infection and discharge from hospital: with the work he brought documents, he “sits on the phone.” Among the advantages of telecommuting, he noted the possibility of a quick online meeting. According to Peskov, it is very convenient, and some elements of the operation in this mode should be used.