Peter Tolstoy: with consideration of amendments to the Constitution will not pull

“state Council becomes the authority. This is a system of coordination of the efforts of the government, governors and senior officials of the country to perform economic tasks. It is a system of decision-making that affects all branches of power”. This was stated in the program “60 minutes” Deputy Chairman of the Russian state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy.

yesterday, the newspaper “Kommersant” published an article with expert opinions on new amendments to the Constitution. Even when the first rumors about a possible constitutional reform interlocutors “” close to the presidential administration, argued that perhaps her goal is to search for new positions for Vladimir Putin after his presidential powers expire.

According to political analyst Boris Makarenko, it is unlikely that the Council will be an important authorities: “there is No reason for that no in the President, neither in his speech at a meeting with members of the working group on preparation of amendments. It is rather the completion of the construction of the institutions of power another, which will be some kind of role.”

Pyotr Tolstoy said that it is always interesting to hear the opinions of scientists, but it is only their opinion: “This is a hypothesis that can be discussed. But the reality is contained in the amendment that the President submitted to the state Duma”.

“we Have the Executive, a Parliament. The state Council will make the decision-making system of the regional component. So that explained the head of the state”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma.

He said that on January 21 held an extraordinary meeting of the Council of the state Duma on amendments to the Constitution. On 23 January the amendments will be considered by the state Duma. “The President’s initiatives are considered in priority order, so that the pull will not be”, — emphasized Pyotr Tolstoy.