Petersburg returns to the active life: open parks, cafes and sports clubs

Once relief is administered in St. Petersburg. So, on Sunday, June 28 for residents and tourists open squares, parks and gardens, sports and playgrounds. The resolution signed by the Governor of the Northern capital Alexander Beglov.

While the rides in the parks will remain closed, however, already available in any sports equipment, including boats.

next week, reports GTRK “Saint Petersburg” TV channel “Russia 1” will open the zoos and the Registrar. of course, with the recommended sanitary requirements. Also beauty salons by appointment only starting to have a manicure and pedicure.

One of the most desirable for residents of St. Petersburg will resume, cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces. The owners of the establishments are required to obtain the QR-code, which will guarantee compliance with the safety requirements.

in addition, open kindergartens. Groups should not exceed 12 children. In-home services allowed non-state social services.

Recall, for almost a week full of everyday life living in Moscow. In the parks you can walk to work back in the cafes and restaurants, has opened a sports Studio. Traffic — already 90% of the previous year. The city came to life. Important: careful the gradual lifting of restrictions triggered the outbreak. The number of cases decreased by 37 percent. Although in terms of testing the capital – one of the first in the world.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”