Photographer Yulia Abellino can bury on the scene in Dubai

Bashkir photographer Yulia Habibullina, tragically lost in the United Arab Emirates, you can bury on the spot. This possibility is now considered the girl’s parents.

had difficulties with the transportation of the body of the deceased from UAE to Ufa. As told on his page on the social network friend Julia Alphia Entire flight from Dubai is today, but due to the epidemic of infection by coronavirus, the country’s police cannot complete the case without the test results COVID-19. So tonight the body of Julia Khaibullino will not deliver.

However, GTRK “Bashkortostan”, according to Muslim tradition, the deceased have to be buried as soon as possible. Since the death a week passed, so it is likely to bury the photographer in the United Arab Emirates.

we will Remind, Yulia Khabibullina was tragically killed on may 15. Girl friends and I went to nature, to place the company reached the evening of 14 may. The next day early morning they went to the rock to capture the sunrise on a professional camera. At some point, Julia could not resist and fell down. Death was instantaneous.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”