Offer Alert: Large Intex Prism Frame Portable Pool with Filter on Sale on Amazon for €160

Discover the deal on the Intex Prism Frame 366x99cm pool with filter on Amazon at a 49% discount and free shipping.
If you are looking for a practical and affordable option to enjoy the summer, the Intex Prism Frame portable pool is ideal. With dimensions of 366×99 cm and a capacity of 8,592 liters, this pool is perfect for the whole family. Take advantage of the 49% discount on Amazon and get it for only €165.17 with free shipping.
The deal was shared by Diego_Cabaleiro, an active member of Buscachollos since 2024, known for finding excellent deals. This Intex pool, resistant and easy to assemble, is a unique opportunity to enjoy your garden. Take advantage of the 49% discount and acquire a high-quality product with free shipping included. Don’t miss this incredible offer to cool off and relax this summer.

Take advantage of the 49% discount and get the Intex Prism Frame 366×99 cm pool with filter for only €165.17 on Amazon, with free shipping included.
Features and benefits of the Intex Prism Frame pool
The Intex Prism Frame pool comes with an A cartridge filter pump, with a filtration capacity of 2,006 liters/hour and a 32 mm connection. It also includes a safety ladder to facilitate access. Its sturdy structure is composed of painted epoxy-coated steel tubular pieces, ensuring durability and stability.
The pool liner is triple-layered, with an interior wall that simulates mosaic tile and an exterior wall in gray. These features not only add an aesthetic touch but also ensure greater resistance and durability of the product.
Why choose the Intex Prism Frame pool?
This pool is an excellent choice for those looking for quality and practicality. It is recommended for use from 6 years old, and thanks to its dimensions, it can accommodate 5 people. It is ideal for enjoying moments of fun and relaxation with family or friends, without the need for complicated installations.

Diego_Cabaleiro, an expert in finding bargains, has shared this incredible offer so you can make the most of summer.
The pool’s structure allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making storage outside of the season easy. Its drain plug with a garden hose connection ensures quick and efficient maintenance. Thanks to these features, you will enjoy a practical and functional pool. Additionally, its robust design ensures prolonged durability.