FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki sharply criticized the Greens on Sunday. The Greens adhered to a “grotesque” worldview that “completely” contradicts normal life experience.

When VW reintroduced the “currywurst, which had been ostracized by the Greens,” it made Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) very proud. This showed that there are still “sensible people” in this country, Kubicki told “Bild”.

The Greens simply suffered from “an idea of ​​the omnipotence of the state,” Kubicki had previously told WELT am Sonntag. The Greens wanted to set guidelines and laws for “every street, every garden fence, every heating system and every person”.

For Kubicki, this worldview is “grotesque.” It “completely” contradicts other people’s life experiences.

Against this background, Kubicki added that he could not guarantee that the traffic light coalition would last until autumn 2025.

Kubicki recently declared that his green coalition partners were generally “fine on a human level”. However, many FDP members are now of the opinion that the Greens consider themselves to be world saviors sent by God.

Politically it is therefore very difficult to work with the Greens.

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