About the price of creative success and what is necessary for him to go — in continuation of the series “birch” on the channel “Russia 1”. In the new series — secret passions big concerts and a Titanic work of rehearsals woven into a fascinating story.

“birch” — unprecedented crisis, for the first time since the founding of the ensemble, the main room for preparing the foreign tour not the creative Director and soul of the team Nadezhda Svetlova and imposed a Ministerial functionaries fashion break-dancer. But the wise mentor seem to have a plan B!

– Can then show the room to people? And artists is useful and new choreographer, too.

Nadezhda Petrovna, that ordinary people know what art is?

– More of us, they are very organic feel false!

will it be Possible to keep the identity of “Birches” and justice?

Honored artist of Russia Lydia velegeva just now decided to watch the series, because her role is full of drama story of the fate of the great woman behind the success of the native “Birches” on the big stage has paid no small personal price.

“She’s a life put on your ensemble, you know? – asks a rhetorical question actress Lydia velegeva. — No happiness, no love, nothing!”

But a calculating dancer Edyta will be just a step away from happiness.

“For me, “birch” is a lucky ticket to a normal life! I did nothing but dance you can’t!” – cried Edith.

will it Help behind-the-scenes adventure and a love intrigue to happen?

“Love, feelings change people, so be sure to see a continuation, even a girl like Edita Tamm has a chance to change,” says the actress Alena colomina.

Love and hate, friendship and betrayal, incredible work, beautiful folk dances and the darker side of triumph. In the series of intertwined characters, fate, the history of the country and- stand of its main brands – “Birches”.

“He is laced with real feelings, about our pride and about the fact that we must always believe in your dream,” talks about the TV series actor mark Bogatyrev.

the continuation of the series of endless allegiance to the art that charges on creativity, see July 6, just after the big evening “News” at 21.20 on “Russia”.