Planted drugs declared resident of Omsk found with his head cut off

In Omsk, found the headless body of 25-year-old Dmitry Fedorov, who earlier reported that members of Regardie planted drugs on him during the inspection on the street. According to official data, speech can go about suicide or negligence on the railroad, but relatives and friends of the young man are inclined to believe the murder occurred.

Earlier, Fedorov recorded a video message in which he told how the day December 15, the guards threw him four sacks of an unknown substance, after which the day was held in the office and not pressured to contact relatives. In regional management of the Ministry of internal Affairs began checking on the fact of procedural violations, but noted that investigators have evidence linking the young man to the possession of drugs.

After the liberation Fedorov appealed to the local Deputy Dmitry Petrenko, but the meeting did not take place the evening of December 26, the headless body of a young man found near the station forecourt. The legislator suggested that the victims were first killed by unknown, and then threw the lifeless body on the rails, however, in Western-the Siberian Investigatory management on transport SKR has underlined that the priority remains versions of suicide, and carelessness when walking along the paths in the wrong place.

“According to the driver, the man was alone, he stood on his feet and there was no one there. The place is easily visible, all in the snow, and if there would be someone else, it would be seen,” — said the source RIA Novosti in law enforcement.

the Girl Fedorova Lyudmila Trinity, which two weeks later was to become his wife, questioned the veracity of the official version, because Dmitry was not suicidal tendencies, and at the scene she found no blood.

the Results of the preliminary investigation will be known later.