Platense-Huracán: Security Operation Confirmed for a Heated Match

On Saturday, Platense and Huracán will face off in the 16th round of the Argentine Cup at 5:10 pm at the Centenario stadium in Quilmes. This match is not just any game, as there is a long-standing rivalry between the two teams. Therefore, the security operation is crucial, and in the past few hours, Aprevide has confirmed its details.

Aprevide has announced that a total of 500 officers from the Buenos Aires Provincial Police will be dedicated to ensuring the safety of all attendees. In addition, 30 private security agents and 50 Utedyc employees will also be present in the southern part of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area. The stadium gates will open at 3:00 pm.

The security operation put in place for the Platense vs. Huracán match, scheduled for Saturday at 5:10 pm at the Centenario stadium in Quilmes for the Argentine Cup, will involve approximately 500 officers from the Buenos Aires Provincial Police, 30 private security agents, and 50 Utedyc employees. Both sets of fans will be present at the stadium, and supporters are advised to arrive early to avoid crowding at the entrances. The stadium gates will open at 3:00 pm. Tickets will be available in advance (no ticket sales at the stadium on the day of the event).

There will be strict control over tickets, ID cards, and presentation of IDs. The right of admission will be enforced, with the participation of the Safe Stand program. Huracán fans will occupy the popular stands Omar Indio Gómez with access through Av. Vicente López and Laprida at gate 4; covered grandstand gate 3. Platense fans will enter the popular Horacio Milozzi stand, from Av. Oscar Smith to Av. Vicente López and Andrade, through gate 6.

According to Aprevide, in compliance with current regulations, the entry with insignia and clothing identifying other sports entities, bottles, papers (of all kinds), pyrotechnic materials, flags inciting violence, and the use of masks, masks, or hoods is prohibited. The stadium’s video surveillance system will be used to monitor both the interior and exterior of the Quilmes stadium to prevent inappropriate behavior by fans, as well as a police drone in the vicinity to enhance event security.

The longstanding rivalry between Platense and Huracán dates back to March 2, 1986 when Calamar defeated Globo 3-1, which later led to Globo’s relegation. On that day, there was a confrontation between the fans, which was repeated on several occasions. The dispute between Platense and Huracán fans even occurred on days when the teams were not playing. In February 1999, in the center of Villa Gesell, the Calamar and Globo supporters had a fight that ended in the death of a 21-year-old.

Furthermore, in 1997, clashes between the fans were a common occurrence. One of them resulted in 25 arrests and 11 injuries.