Player Tarasov wanted to reduce alimony, but the court on the contrary they increased

Cheremushkinsky court of Moscow has increased footballer Dmitry Tarasov the amount of maintenance paid to his daughter. Previously, the athlete wanted the opposite to reduce the amount, but the court decided in his favor.

the Lawyer ex-wife Tarasov Sergei Zhorin said that the court ordered the footballer to pay the fourth part of his income, plus 104 thousand roubles. For example, an athlete earns 10 million a month, then he needs to pay daughter’s 2.5 million rubles and 100 thousand, reports TASS.

Informed Tarasov wanted to reduce the amount of child support from 350 to 50 thousand rubles. According to him, the reason was that the off-season, when revenue from games was not. The pandemic coronavirus trial was delayed, in the end everything resolved exactly as planned, the athlete, and even worse for him.

Dmitry and Oksana Tarasovs divorced in 2011. Currently the player is in a relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko. The couple have two children.