Point blank: the injured police officers were able to disarm the offender

on the Evening of 15 June, a passerby opened fire on the police on Leninsky Prospekt. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of attacks on law enforcement officers. Both victims are now in intensive care in critical condition. The culprit is also taken to the hospital.

In seconds twenty-five Ratmir Galaev manages to produce six bullets – he shoots the police are actually in focus, and then he falls under return fire. Wounded inspector Alexey Poyarkov lost from the chest wound of consciousness, comes to life and subdues the criminal. All this – on the lively Leninsky prospect: next to a residential house, shops, dozens of similar.

The bleeding police officers rushed to the nearest shops – they heard the shots. Sergei is one of those who had injured the inspectors first aid. Says that many of the drivers stopped and offered medical supplies of health kits.

– Made a pillow of one, another towel, and then have people started to help.

As already known, the police at the time of the attack checked documents at the driver of the taxi stopped for a traffic violation. At this point, to their car and approached the criminal, opened fire from a traumatic gun, converted into a combat.

“the Staff, according to the Federal law “On police”, used government-issue firearms. The attacker was wounded and was arrested the wounded officers”, – said the head of information and public relations GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Vladimir Vasenin.

Footage of one of the witnesses: the police, already seriously wounded, disarmed the offender, call for an ambulance and backup. Now both inspectors, Alexey Poyarkov Sergei Krylov, are in intensive care. The investigative Committee opened a case on infringement of life of law enforcement officers.

“currently investigators and criminologists conduct an inspection of the scene. The investigation is ongoing,” – said the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow on interaction with mass-media Julia Ivanova.

At this moment the doctors are doing everything to save the lives of injured police officers. One of them, the surgeons had to remove the bullet from his chest, the operation continues. The attacker himself is also survived and is also in the hospital. Now it check on participation in other grave crimes.

At the place where the shooting occurred, several hours work, the Investigative Committee, is a car taxi, which was checked by the police. In the next few hours, investigators will probably establish a full picture of what happened.