Poklonskaya suggested the Penny tour

Deputy Chairman of the state Duma on the international Affairs Natalia Poklonskaya took the initiative to arrange for the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence tours the Russian cities-heroes. Thus the statesman commented on the performance of the American colleagues.

At the forum in Israel, Mike Pence, talking about “Auschwitz”, have avoided mention of the fact that the camp was liberated by the Soviet army. Vice-President of the United States confined itself to words about an abstract military personnel. According to him, the soldiers, when “opened the gate “of Auschwitz”, was discovered seven thousand prisoners, and records that documented the largest mass murder in history.

Natalya Poklonskaya said that this fact is impossible to forget or not to remember, because it is for such a significant event is prepared in advance. Duma Deputy speaker believes that Americans are ashamed to admit that the Soviet soldiers saved the world, RIA Novosti reported. Poklonski stressed that it is necessary to constantly remind the real history of the war.

in addition, the public figure said that if “someone is poorly taught in school history,” then the Russian side can help, and clearly to conduct lessons out in the heroic places, including Volgograd, Saint Petersburg. Poklonskaya said she was ready to personally conduct excursions in Crimea and Sevastopol. The Chairman of the state Duma emphasized that it “will be interesting” because a lot to learn about the heroism of Soviet soldiers.

Thursday, January 23, in Jerusalem, opened the monument “Candle of memory” in honor of the undefeated of the inhabitants of Leningrad. The President of Russia spoke about struck him fact from the history of the blockade: Leningrad surrendered to the needs of the front 144 tons of blood.