Poland accused the Soviet Union in the destruction of

the Polish foreign Ministry has described how affected the Polish culture as a result of the activities of the Soviet Union. On page office on Twitter stated that the branches of the NKVD requisitioned works of art, many of which are still in Russia, and that the Red Army and the NKVD, in many cases, destroyed and confiscated what could not steal or burn the Germans.

Among the objects of the cultural heritage of Poland, “requisitioned, destroyed, or confiscated by the red army and the NKVD”, refers to the painting “Madonna Glogowski” by Lucas Cranach the Elder, “Girl with a dove” by Antoine Peng, “the poultry yard” by Daniel Schultz, “Portrait of John Swarzwald” Hans Holbein the Younger and “Forest landscape” by Jan Brueghel the Elder.

Also, the Polish foreign Ministry said that “the introduction of communism has led Poland to the economic bankruptcy”. “Unfavorable business contracts, exploitation of raw materials, refusal to join the Marshall plan — here are some of the consequences of “fraternal assistance” of the USSR after 1945,” — said the Agency.

Statements of mid — part of the discussion in connection with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from the Nazis by the red army on 17 January 1945, reports TASS. Officially Poland did not noticed this date, stating that the red army did not release the Polish capital from the Nazis, and reoccupied it.

According to the Ambassador of Russia in Poland Sergey Andreev, the attempts of the Polish authorities to downplay the role of the red army in the liberation of the country from fascism to be made in favor of the current political situation. In the framework of the so-called historical policy historical facts “are interpreted and selected in order to prove certain assumptions which often have no connection with the story,” said the diplomat. The Polish authorities are trying to fit the historical facts under the current political goals, the Ambassador said.