Poland buys us fighter jets F-35

the Ministry of defence of Poland in the next month to sign a contract for the supply of American fighters fifth generation F-35. The party will consist of 32 combat vehicles, they will cost the country about $ 6.5 billion, according to the Agency TASS with reference to the Minister of national defence of Poland Mariusz Blaschka.

As specified by journalists, the US Congress has already approved the delivery to Poland of F-35. However the price, according to buyers, too high, so Warsaw expects to achieve discounts.

F-35 American fighter of the fifth generation, developed by Lockheed Martin. The creators claim that the aircraft less visible to radar, equipped with a modern radar system, powerful engines and weapons. On Board it can take more than 8 tons of weapons.

At the moment the standard cost of one F-35A is 89 million dollars, the plan to 2020 is to reduce the price to 82 million. Just released 491 aircraft.