Poland has decided to ban Russia to interpret the story in their own way

Poland is preparing a special law to defend his views on history. Indignation of politicians in Warsaw have not stopped for several weeks after the sharp assessment, which gave Vladimir Putin the actions of the Polish diplomat.

In the late 30-ies of the last century Ambassador Jozef Lipski has represented his country in Germany. He called to erect a monument to the Fuhrer for the actions against the Jews.

In Poland, the mention of a historical fact has caused a strong reaction. As it became known to the German newspaper “die Zeit”, the Committee of the diet on foreign policy, the new law intends to prohibit Russia to discuss the details of Polish history.

As you can see this is what local politics is unclear. But Deputy speaker of Parliament has called on all political forces to unite in the fight for the right of Poland to his version of the story, the TV channel “Russia 24”.