Poland has denied historical memory

the Polish Government — in the center of a new scandal associated with the history of the Second world war. The Polish press reported that the country’s President Andrzej Duda ignore the world Holocaust forum, which will be held in late January in Jerusalem and for which he was officially invited. Representatives Duda explained: the President did go, but on their own terms. The forum invited three dozen world leaders. What are the requirements again pushes the Warsaw to take the story for what it is?

will Go or will not go to the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda in Jerusalem, the first theme of all the Polish news. The tone is set by “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the main mouthpiece of Pro-European forces.

“Officially, the President’s decision has not yet been announced, but according to our sources, the problem is solved: Andrzej Duda will not go to Israel at the Fifth world forum on the Holocaust, organized on 22-23 January,” — said the publication.

She echoed most of the other national publications. But the chief of the presidential office Krzysztof Mersky — on the radio — careful disclaimer: “This decision does not exist. We speak with the Israeli side in the fall. We presented our expectations concerning the course of these ceremonies, including how we see the role of the Polish President. Some of these expectations have been met”.

you Know, what exactly will visit the memorial complex “Yad Vashem” — without any conditions — the leaders of Germany, Italy, France and Russia. The invitation of Israeli President Vladimir Putin personally handed over to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“We share the same approach to the problems of the past, problems of the Second world war. The Jewish people suffered as can be, no one else, except the Russian people: we have 25 million dead is a serious loss. The President of Israel has invited me to visit Israel early next year just in connection with these events, the liberation of Auschwitz and the Day Of the Holocaust. Please convey to Mr. President that I have great pleasure in coming to Israel,” — said Vladimir Putin.

But the poles on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz — the Nazi death camps in Poland — the Russian leadership was not invited. Absolutely do not want to remember that freed Soviet troops. In the history of Poland in General is much that the current government would like to hide — even passed a special law on criminal responsibility for research on

“the General atmosphere in the war against the Jews was hateful. Even in the Memorandum of Godep USA 1946 noted this fact and stated that the poles in the extermination of Jews zealous par with the Germans. This is the official opinion of the Department of state,” — said Aaron Schneier, a historian at the National Institute of memory of victims of Nazism and heroes of resistance “Yad Vashem”.

the Historical memory refuses and then, when the Russian President makes declassified documents about how the Polish Ambassador in Berlin, Jozef Lipski before the Second world supported Hitler’s ideas for the solution of the Jewish question.

“Hitler told the Minister of foreign Affairs, and then Ambassador of Poland to Germany, that he wanted to deport the Jews to Africa in the colony. Imagine 1938. The expulsion of Jews from Europe to Africa. To extinction, the destruction. What Ambassador in Poland, he said, and then wrote it down in my memo paper Minister for foreign Affairs of Poland, Mr Bake: if he does, we will build him a magnificent monument in Warsaw. Bastard, pig anti-Semitic, another way to say it is impossible!” – Putin said.

After the war, the largest anti-Jewish pogrom in Poland. Rare archival footage from the 1946 Polish town of Kielce: endless rows of graves of the fallen from the hands of the Polish Jews.

the Israeli memorial complex “Yad Vashem” a whole room dedicated to the tragic the events in Kielce. His irreconcilable attitude to the ideologists and participants of the Holocaust Israel has never concealed at the highest level.

“I am the son of Holocaust survivors. We will never forgive and never forget. And many poles collaborated with the Nazis. Our former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said that each pole absorbs the anti-Semitism with mother’s milk. Nobody tells us what to say and how to honor the memory of their dead,” said Yisrael Katz, Minister of foreign Affairs of Israel.

After these remarks, the poles were offended and refused to participate in joint diplomatic format of Israel and the Visegrad four — Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“For the survivors of the Holocaust, and in Israel there are tens of thousands of people who survived, have gone through this horror for them, in Israel and around the world remembered the disaster, about these atrocities, about the miracle of liberation. And who said that and who is now at loggerheads and not talking, it is a matter of quite secondary importance”, — says Ksenia Svetlova, an expert Herzliya interdisciplinary University.

Commemorative events held in Jerusalem, regardless of whether the participation of the Polish President.