Poland wants to return the paintings to which she has no rights

the President of the Pushkin Museum Irina Antonova called the allegations of Poland about their rights to a number of works of art, both in Russia. Antonov said that no proof of loss was not provided. In addition, requests to Russia has still not been received. Earlier, the Polish foreign Ministry has published a list of objects of cultural heritage, which Warsaw believes lost because of the activities of the Soviet Union.

While in Russia celebrated the anniversary of the red Army’s liberation of Poland from German occupation, world Internet lit up with news from the Warsaw Ministry of foreign Affairs. There was a list of paintings that were lost during the Second World war. Allegedly caused by the Soviet red army.

the Polish foreign Ministry, albeit still unofficially, in a “tweet” has put forward claims to the Russian side. Like, in comparison with the losses of the red army – several hundred thousand soldiers – as a result of the liberation from Nazi occupation, Poland lost much more in the cultural equivalent. And list attached: picture of Schultz, Brueghel, Antoine Peng, Hans Holbein. Painters, but to Poland related quite indirectly.

“It’s clumsy provocation, – said the head of the Department of museums, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Vladislav Kononov. – In fact all the pieces were in control of the German occupation authorities. If we trace the fate of each, for example, in 43-m the painting by Lucas Cranach the elder was taken by the Third Reich. Poland is trying to present Polish art all are under the Reich during the war. It is impossible to speak about the belonging of these objects of art Poland.”

some of the works from the list of the poles had expressed an interest. “A girl with a goldfinch” German painter pan since 1931 was in greater Poland Museum. During the Nazi occupation the picture was taken in Germany, and from there the Soviet soldiers sent to Moscow. Decades later the picture was in the US from a private Russian collector Alexander Khochinsky. Was and of the proceedings of the Polish side with the owner of the paintings, but the Manhattan court sided with Alexander. Evidence of Warsaw considered unfounded. Since then, as can be seen, the list of claims has increased significantly. However, evidence of the loss of the Polish foreign Ministry once again not provided.

“While the rights of Poland in the picture have been announced in Russia is absolutely unfounded. This statement is designed for people who don’t understand the subtleties — sure the President of the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin Irina Antonova. — Of course, Warsaw should provide evidence of loss. The poles do this? They made inquiries in Russia before? They were denied? If Poland has any information, it must make a request with complete information to the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation or the government of our country, and then something to declare”.

But amid the apparent interest in lost when something works, the scientists read between the lines of the Polish statements of a very different interest – to finish yet another stroke to the picture of such a world, what it wants to see the West.

“Another demonize Russia as the successor of the Soviet Union, the accusation that we were not the rescuers, and burglars, looters and instigators of war, — the political scientist Natalia Eliseeva. Here is the effect of accumulation. Condemning in any way to blame. Take a fact, twist your words and blame Russia.”

the Russian Ministry of culture has already responded to the claims of Warsaw: all images are the property of the world culture and lawfully stored on the territory of Russia. And a claim for the paintings in Moscow was referred to as another tool to rewrite the outcome of world war II, along with the territorial and material claims, which amount to billions of dollars.